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January 03, 2008



How many "Surf City USA" logos are there in use? This is yet another one--for a city that wants to sue Santa Cruz over usage so badly, it'd help if they could land on a consistent logo--'Branding 101" as we called it in college.

Andy Schmidt

That logo was created by the marathon organizer (who also does the Long Beach marathon in October). It is the same logo they have been using for this race for some time except for the name which has changed as Joe mentioned - Branding 101 in action.

Andy Schmidt

So Joe, I'm entered, too. If you come up with t-shirts to promote the blog, I'll wear one.


Sorry, I stand by what I wrote--if the city is hellbent on Surf City USA they should use their official logo--period, no questions--it's not about the marathon logo, it's about the Surf City USA logo which now lives in a myriad of different ways--on pole banners, web sites, etc.--if the city is going to sponsor the race, use the logo, or stop trying to own the phrase.

Andy Schmidt

Chris, not to beat a dead horse, but it appears from the press release posted at http://www.summitwestapparel.com/surf-city-pr051206.html that the only thing that is trademarked is the phrase "Surf City USA" itself and its use. I base that primarily on the statement: "From here, the Bureau plans to implement a global branding strategy that includes an official logo..." So while there is something resembling a logo on the release - which one assumes is what the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau would like to see become "official" since it appears on their website as well - there actually isn't anything keeping others like the marathon organizer from using the phrase, obviously with permission and appropriately marked as registered, in whatever art they choose. Not that you don't have a point - consistency is a good thing for branding - but personally I'm not too jazzed with what the visitors bureau appears to be suggesting as the logo in the first place. Given that others using the phrase have created their own art for it as well, I'd guess I'm not alone.


Andy--totally agree with you--the Bureau's logo is so (in my opinion) cluttered/corporate, I don't blame others from trying to inject some fun, funk and actual "surfiness" into it.

Kristin Stilton

We love this race and logo - and indeed, the race event has been very consistent in its look, even through different race promoters. Corporate logos are not very exciting as wearable art when you end up collecting dozens of event shirts in a year. No event we do relies upon the city's corporate logo for what is indeed racewear. There are even contests that recognize the "best" event t-shirts. That said: Mike and I will be doing the half. Anyone joining us?


I'll start with the 5K, but I'll cheer you on.

Andy Schmidt

I'd like to, but I'm not quite up to that distance yet having only started with this event last year. I'll wait for Joe at the 5K finish line and we'll both cheer you on.

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